Benefits of a Managed Security Provider

Cybersecurity threats are increasing at an alarming rate, and cybercriminals are becoming more and more sophisticated. After all, they have access to the same advanced technology that is used to keep you safe, and that means you cannot take your cybersecurity for granted. Therefore, many companies are turning to a Managed Security Provider to help them safeguard their systems and data.

What Is a Managed Security Provider?

A Managed Security Provider is a company that offers cybersecurity services. They bring with them the experience and expertise to ensure that you have the very best in cybersecurity. This includes:

  • Performance of security audits and assessments
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Management of security systems
  • Implementing upgrades and patches
  • Responding to cybersecurity events

Benefits of a Managed Security Provider

There are many benefits to having a Security Management Provider working for you. Their experience and full-time management of your security will provide you with the following.

Increased Efficiency and Lower Costs

Without the need to have an in-house security team and the infrastructure to support your cybersecurity needs, you will be able to significantly cut security costs. At the same time, you will have full-time cybersecurity management that will cater to the specific needs of your organization.

Full Set of Cybersecurity Management Expertise and Tools

Your Managed Security Provider will bring with them the expertise of working in the industry for an extended period. They will be up to date on all the latest threats to cybersecurity, and they will have at their disposal all the most innovative cybersecurity tools and practices to help keep your company as safe as possible.

Easy Scalability

Using a Managed Security Provider gives you an immense amount of flexibility. As a subscription service, you can use it as demand dictates, scaling up quickly and easily when needed.

Full Automation

A Managed Security Provider will be able to provide you with automation for the detection of vulnerabilities in your security, including:

  • Detection and repair of vulnerabilities in your critical systems
  • Proactive prediction of cybersecurity threats
  • Automatic detection of offensive methods and strategies in your critical systems
  • Quick and effective response to threats and incidents
  • Reduction in the chances that an attack will be successful

Regulatory Compliance

With a Managed Security Provider, you can rest assured that your organization is complying with all regulations regarding cybersecurity by ensuring that your systems and the sensitive data they contain are only accessible by the people who need access and only when they need it.

Reduced Risk

Not only is your risk of a cyberattack minimized, but you will also enjoy lower risk with all aspects of cybersecurity. Your service level agreement (SLA) with your Managed Service Provider will ensure their 24/7, 365 days-per-year support, as well as their incident response times and guarantees should a cybersecurity incident occur.

With the threat landscape that exists today, you cannot risk being vulnerable. A single cybersecurity event can cause your company a significant amount of damage, both to your finances and your reputation. It can also bring with it legal action. By working with a Managed Security Provider, you will minimize the chances of a cybersecurity incident even happening, and if one does, you will be far more prepared to handle it swiftly and effectively.

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