Data Governance for Privacy & Protection

Data Governance

With the incredible amount of digital data available to today’s businesses, enterprise data governance is a necessity. It forms a triad with data privacy and data protection. Data governance requires thorough data awareness, which includes:

Knowing the data

Classifying the data

Identifying who owns the data

Establishing change management standards

Tracing the data lineage

Identifying data risks

With no one-size-fits-all approach to data governance, we know the importance of a customized data governance strategy that suits your unique needs.

We will provide you with advisory and implementation capabilities for the following data governance offerings:

Data Discovery – We will use both manual and automated methods to determine what data you have and where it resides.

Drive Privacy and Protection – We will classify your data based on type, determining which data is sensitive and which is structured vs. unstructured. This will allow us to determine the most appropriate privacy and protection protocols are applied to the data.

Risk Evaluation – We use a data lineage process to determine where your data came from and who uses it to identify any risks associated with the data.

Data Stewardship – We determine who owns your discovered data so we can plan the best way to govern and protect that data, while keeping their stewardship of that data intact.

Lifecycle Governance – We will help you develop policies and processes for receiving new data, managing changes to current data, and properly destroying data that is no longer required.

Data Privacy

Data privacy requires the application of data governance best practices for handling sensitive data, such as personally identifying information, medical data, and financial data. Data privacy must be protected in order to comply with regulatory requirements, control access to the data, and ensure full transparency on how the data is collected and managed to earn the trust and loyalty of customers.

Our data privacy offerings include:

Regulatory Readiness

Ensure your data privacy policies are compliant with both local and global privacy regulations.

Consent and Preference Management

This makes it possible for customers to have full control over their information, from collection to deletion, fostering trust, providing them with a personalized experience, and ensuring compliance.

Data Transfers

Put privacy requirements in place that minimize the risks that can come with internal and external data access and asset sharing.

Individual Rights Processing

Make it possible to quickly and effectively process data subject requests and consent for access to, transfer of, and deletion of data.


Create a strategy that implements privacy controls and impact assessments at every part of the data lifecycle.

Data Protection

Data protection is the act of preventing the theft of sensitive information and its use in fraudulent activities. This includes information such as personally identifying information, financial information, employee records, and customer details. 

The need for data protection has grown in recent years as more and more data is moved to the cloud, making it more vulnerable to attack.

Data protection, or information privacy laws, exist on a state, national, and international level.These laws help you understand what data must be protected. It is critical that you meet the data protection requirements of the jurisdiction in which you operate.

Our data protection offerings include:

Data Protection Strategy – We help you determine how to best use existing controls and solutions for your data before applying technology in the use of that data.

Data Security – We will work with you to develop, install, configure, and optimize your architecture to utilize data security solutions that will be able to identify and mitigate threats recognized in Active Directory, Azure AD, Azure, and Microsoft 365.

Data Access Governance & Remediation (DAG) – We will help you develop and enforce policies that control and limit access to data based on lowest-level permissions.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – We will assist you in developing and implementing a thorough DLP methodology that makes use of processes and tools to limit the unauthorized and accidental loss of data.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) – We will develop and implement a cloud management solution that makes it possible to simplify onboarding for new cloud applications and services while minimizing the risk of losing data from unauthorized channels.

Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) – We will monitor activity related to files for internal threats and breaches based on regulatory compliance standards.

Trust Platinum Technologies for Your Data Privacy and Protection

No matter what your data governance goals are, we have the right data governance, privacy, and protection offerings to meet your needs, delivered by skilled and experienced industry experts. As an advisor and implementor, we are in a unique position to guide you through every step of data governance, from strategy development to execution.

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