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Endpoint security is the act of securing the endpoints of a network and protecting them against malicious attacks and unauthorized access. These endpoints include desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices. Considering the fact that the use of devices has increased over the past few years, with the average employee using 2.3 devices to do their job, endpoint security has become more important than ever. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) is specifically designed to provide complete endpoint security for all your devices.

What Is MDE?

MDE is a software platform that offers users a cohesive management experience that is easy to deploy and configure. It provides protection against a variety of sophisticated attacks, including ransomware and malware, for Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, and network devices. Not only does MDE detect an attack and stop it, but it also scales your security resources and evolves to meet your changing endpoint security needs.

MDE Capabilities

Powered by the cloud, MDE offers a wide range of capabilities that provide cutting-edge protection for all endpoint devices. Capabilities include:

  • Optics that allow you to stay on top of the most recent and sophisticated threats to your endpoint devices
  • Multi-tenancy with the ability to scale to over a million endpoints on one tenant and partition a tenant into hundreds of sub-tenants
  • Out-of-the-box automation and machine learning that uses intelligent behavioral algorithms to move from detection to remediation in just minutes, by identifying threats and determining the appropriate action to take
  • The ability for security teams to search six months’ worth of historical data to determine where endpoints were first compromised and where an attack began
  • Real-time monitoring of third-party software configuration problems and vulnerabilities and the mitigation of risk to minimize exposure to potential threats
  • Threat analytics reports that make it easy to view and understand new threats on a global scale, determine the potential for exposure to these threats, and take steps to mitigate those threats and increase resiliency

In addition to these revolutionary capabilities, MDE is part of an integrated set of Microsoft solutions designed to ensure the overall security of your organization. MDE works together with Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure Defender, and Azure Sentinel to provide the most complete protection possible for your endpoints, users, and infrastructure.

There are two flexible purchase options for MDE that make it easy to find the right solution for your business. These include:

  • MDE P1 – This provides the basic capabilities, including antimalware, attack surface capabilities, and conditional access based on the device.
  • MDE P2 – This provides all the capabilities of MDE P1, as well as endpoint detection and response, automated investigation and incident response, and the management of threats and vulnerabilities.

Protection Has Never Been this Important

With more and more employees working remotely and using a variety of devices to access your network and systems, endpoint protection is more critical than ever. Add to that the fact that as technology has improved for workplaces, it has also improved for bad actors. This has increased their ability to gain access to your network via endpoint devices, including unmanaged BYO devices that have access to your network.

Contact Platinum Technologies today to find out how we can help you ensure the very best endpoint protection, so your network remains secure.

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