Cloud migration increases the chances your organization will face threats. Cloud migration services will help you manage the transition and minimize the risks.

Why Cloud Migration?

When adopting a new solution, you want to be sure your transition is seamless, and your infrastructure is adequately prepared so optimal security is always maintained. 

No Downtime

Our experts will develop a detailed plan for your cloud migration and implementation, removing the need for downtime and ensuring you can keep operations going.

Optimized Infrastructure

Whether you are transitioning fully to the cloud or operating in a hybrid environment, we will ensure your infrastructure is fully optimized to ease the burden on IT.

Heightened Security

Cloud migration needs to be done right to ensure your new environment is fully secure, which is why we build security right into your migration plan, so you don’t have to worry.

Cloud Migration Services

We offer the following cloud migration services:

Microsoft 365 Migration

We can ensure you have full Microsoft 365 migration support, from pre-migration planning to integration with other solutions, training, post-migration support, and licensing and account management.

Azure Migration

Whether you are migrating from a legacy or hybrid system to the cloud or moving from cloud to cloud, we can migrate workloads including SQL, Windows, Linux servers, virtual desktops, microservices, databases and web apps, ensuring that your applications, servers and datacenter are accessible via the cloud.

Google Workspace Migration

We will plan and implement your customized Google Workspace migration so you have a seamless transition of your phone system and all your emails and files, enabling your staff to work from wherever they are.

Cloud Migrations & Strategy

It is our goal to ensure your security stays in step with your cloud migration. This is why we use a DevSecOps strategy to determine your security requirements from start to finish for the following migrations:

Tenant Migrations

This includes cloud migrations between Microsoft 365 tenants, Intune Azure Directory (ADD) tenants, and from G Suite or any other productivity suite to Microsoft 365.

On-Premises to Microsoft 365

This includes migrations from Exchange to Microsoft 365.

On-premise Migration

This includes server upgrades, consolidations, and migrations for Microsoft Windows and forest migrations and consolidation for Microsoft Active Directory

Our experts will work closely with you to plan your migration in a way that best suits your unique operating environment. Book a discovery call with us today to find out how we can provide you with customized solutions and services to help your organization excel.

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