The more technology businesses use in their day-to-day operations, the more vulnerable they become.

Security Assessment

Threats to cyber security can cause significant damage, but a vulnerability assessment can provide a deep understanding of the threats that face your organization, giving you the knowledge required to build a solid defense.

Why Security Assessments?

A security assessment can provide you with the following:

Robust Action Plan

A thorough understanding of the threats to your cyber security will make it possible to develop a tailored action plan that is based on the specific risks faced by your organization.

Alignment to Business Requirements

When security risks are assessed, security solutions can be developed to support your business objectives, ensuring you can securely attain your desired business outcomes.

Regulatory Compliance

A full vulnerability assessment of your cybersecurity risks will inform you of the steps you need to take to ensure you adhere to regulatory compliance and industry standards.

At Platinum Technologies, we know how important it is to understand the risks facing your organization.

It is only with this understanding that an effective security strategy can be developed. For this reason, we provide IT security assessments for the following:

Windows Active Directory

Your Active Directory contains key information that forms the foundation of your organization. Our Active Directory assessment will allow us to take a close look at your existing security configurations to identify the most likely attack vectors putting your organization at risk.

Azure Active Directory

Our security assessment of Microsoft Azure AD will provide you with deep insight into potential exposures at the computer, user, and domain levels, protecting the vital information attackers can use to gain access to your systems.

Microsoft 365

We will perform a detailed check of your Microsoft 365 environment to detect any security gaps that exist, providing you with the information you need to close those gaps to ensure the safety of you and your partners.

Azure Cloud

We will take a deep dive into the current level of security of your Azure Cloud environment. This assessment will include a review of all aspects of your cloud presence, such as identity management, cloud services, data protection, and workloads.

Endpoint Security

We will take a look at your Mobile Device Management (MDM) and endpoint devices to evaluate the effectiveness of your cybersecurity protocols and ensure that they are effective and aligned with your business strategies, so your employees can work securely from anywhere using any device.

IT Infrastructure

We conduct an infrastructure assessment that is tailored to your unique infrastructure setup, targeting relevant entry points for your entire network and IT infrastructure, including VoIP and wireless.

Network Security

We will also work closely with you to determine how your network security is functioning to protect your organization, ensuring your access control, antivirus software, network analytics, and more are functioning as required.


PKI security assessments are critical to providing the insights you need into the health of your PKI security. Our assessment evaluates numerous entry points, including network devices, routers, web server authentication, workstations, and mobile devices to detect vulnerabilities.

Security Consulting Services

In addition to the above security assessments, we offer the following related services:

Program Governance

We will guide you to develop a governance strategy for your security program, ensuring you have a solid plan for managing risk and ensuring compliance.

Cybersecurity Consulting

We will work in partnership with your IT team to create a security management strategy that will include strategies related to organizational security, IT security management assessments, and an evaluation of your existing security methods.

Cybersecurity Strategies

We will work with you to envision a cybersecurity program that is uniquely suited to the needs of your organization, including a strategy that will help you reduce the chances of a security breach.

Cloud Strategy Consulting

We will help you develop a plan for transitioning to the cloud from on-premise or hybrid, including the creation of a roadmap and a cloud readiness assessment.


Applications provide the interface via which data is consumed. Our team secures access at the application layer by integrating device and data elements. All workloads and compute containers are protected in security to assure confidential applications and services from data destruction, unauthorized access, and tampering.


We secure your workload systems and services are protected from unintentional and illegal access, as well as potential risks and threats.

Microsoft Intune

Is Microsoft’s approach to Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM). It allows businesses to use their devices and apps while keeping corporate data secure by controlling how company devices are used and being able to control applications. Microsoft Intune enhances device security, data protection, device management, and more.


We secure your business’s critical information by establishing network access, monitoring network flows and employing end-to-end encryption.

This is why we offer a continuous approach to network security that involves regular security assessments and adjustments to ensure you are at the leading edge of cybersecurity technology.

Our cross-practice services include:

Managed Security Services (MSSP) – Full-time support for your network for the enhanced detection and response of incidents.

Physical Security Assessment and Penetration Testing – A thorough physical vulnerability assessment across all networks.

Security Awareness – We will simulate phishing attacks to assess your organization’s level of awareness when it comes to suspicious emails. We will also provide training for your staff to ensure they understand what phishing is and how to recognize suspicious emails.

Virtual CISO – Our top security experts will be available to provide you with a fully managed security service experience. These experts will work closely with you to develop, implement and oversee a cybersecurity program, without the need to hire an in-house CISO.

Server Hardening We improve your infrastructure security by removing unsecured services from the Operating System by hardening the OS in accordance with the CIS and other Benchmarks.

Application Hardening – Protection of applications against security risks using multiple layers of protection, such as integrity checks and encryption.

Platinum Technologies has been at the forefront of technology solutions for over two decades. Our unique and customized approach to security assessments is designed to detect existing vulnerabilities so they can be addressed before your security is compromised.

Connect with us today and discover how our security services can protect your organization on all fronts.

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