Why Your IT Infrastructure Needs To Be Assessed

Why Your IT Infrastructure Needs to Be Assessed

With the advanced technological environment in which businesses operate today, it is critical to ensure that your IT infrastructure is operating at optimal efficiency and that the tightest security is maintained. To this end, an IT infrastructure assessment is needed to ensure the optimal success and security of your organization.

What Is an IT Infrastructure Assessment?

An IT infrastructure assessment is exactly as it sounds—a comprehensive evaluation of your existing technology systems. This documented evaluation is typically delivered along with a list of recommendations and best practices to follow. It covers all aspects of your IT technology, including your:

  • Network
  • Servers
  • Applications
  • Endpoint devices
  • Backup
  • Security
  • Print environment
  • Policies and procedures

Why Have Your IT Infrastructure Assessed?

An IT infrastructure assessment is necessary for the following reasons:

Detects Vulnerabilities in Security

The threat landscape for businesses has changed rapidly in recent years, which means that security solutions quickly become ineffective at protecting your IT environment. An IT infrastructure assessment will help identify any vulnerabilities your system has and provide recommendations on how to address them to improve the security of your IT infrastructure.

Ensures Your System is Up to Date

Updating your IT infrastructure goes hand-in-hand with security. A thorough IT infrastructure assessment will identify not only older systems and software but also hardware that is out-of-date or nearing the end of its life. You will know which parts of your IT infrastructure you need to replace and where you can apply software updates and patches for the utmost functionality.

Allows You to Develop a Long-term IT Strategy

It can be easy to let IT development fall by the wayside in favor of other aspects of the business, particularly for small- and medium-sized companies. With an IT infrastructure assessment, you can build a roadmap that will help your IT team plan out the short- and long-term development of your IT infrastructure. This will help keep your IT infrastructure fully functional and secure and will help keep your IT development in line with the broader goals of your organization.

Improves Productivity

Your IT infrastructure is a critical factor in the productivity of your company. An IT infrastructure assessment can determine where you may be lacking in the IT solutions, such as those that enable easy communication and data storage solutions. Your workforce needs to be as productive as possible.

Ensures Compliance

It is a common requirement for organizations to comply with certain standards and regulations when it comes to the information they collect, store, manage, and transmit. These regulations can come from government agencies, industry regulators, or another industry body that is recognized as an authority. It can even come in the form of contractual obligations with customers and other parties.

An IT infrastructure assessment can help uncover areas of potential noncompliance before they are discovered during an audit. This will help you avoid a failure to comply, which can result in financial, reputational, and legal repercussions.

In the end, an IT infrastructure assessment will allow you to prioritize the issues that come up so you can deal immediately with the ones that are the most urgent and work your way through the others as needed.

Contact Platinum Technologies today to find out how we can help you with an IT infrastructure assessment to ensure your IT infrastructure is as robust as possible.

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