Managed Services

At Platinum Technologies, we offer a full range of managed security services to ensure your organization remains fully protected at all times. Our managed services include:

Security Assessments

We will assess your internal and external vulnerability, cloud security, level of breach readiness and your passwords and security codes, to provide an overview of your security system and how to fortify it.

Vulnerability Services

We help you identify, analyze, and prioritize vulnerabilities before they become an issue, so you can be proactive instead of reactive. Continuous improvement means you will always be able to determine your current state, so you can establish a vulnerability baseline and prioritize the vulnerabilities that require remediation.

Risk assessment

Is a method used to identify potential risks and threats, assess the dangers relating to those risks, and determine effective methods of controlling and possibly eliminating the threats that have occurred. Risk assessments are critical as they create an essential part of a business’s health and safety management plan.

Penetration Testing

We conduct a wide range of tests, such as ethical hacking, penetration testing, and application security testing to identify points of weakness and vulnerabilities we can fix.

Security Monitoring

The implementation of real-time, 24/7 security monitoring includes an assessment of your existing monitoring capabilities and the planning, configuration, and activation of the security monitoring service, which will include change management and alert monitoring.

Network Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of your network to identify potential threats and breaches and to detect when the network slows down or experiences outages.

Managed SIEM

We will provide you with a co-managed SIEM service that will use just-in-time threat intelligence to monitor security events.

Managed XDR

Our managed extending detection and response (MXDR) provides the most advanced threat detection and response available today. It is technology independent and provides 24/7 monitoring and detection and the rapid identification of, response to, and mitigation of threats.

Experience the Platinum Technologies Difference

Platinum Technologies is a Canadian-based leader in cybersecurity with two decades of experience providing advanced technological solutions and advisory, consulting, business process, and cyber protection services to customers around the world.

Call us today and discover how we can provide you with managed services you can count on.

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