Microsoft Sentinel

The security of your network, systems, and data has always been important. However, in today’s mobile world, with the technological advancements made in recent years, the threats you must protect against have grown exponentially. These can come from outside your organization, or from within, and can include threats such as:

  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  • Corporate account takeover (CATO)
  • Remote work attacks
  • Credential stuffing

For every advancement in the technology that runs businesses and other organizations, bad actors also enjoy advances in their technology. This makes security information and even management (SIEM) and security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) more important than ever—and that’s what Microsoft Sentinel, previously Azure Sentinel, is designed to provide.

What Is Microsoft Sentinel?

Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-native SIEM and SOAR solution that is fully scalable to meet the needs of any organization. It provides you with a view of your entire enterprise, making it possible to:

  • Collect security data across the entire network, including all servers, devices, users, and applications, whether on-premises or in the cloud
  • Use advanced threat intelligence to detect threats that were previously undetectable and reduce the number of false positives
  • Employ artificial intelligence (AI) to look for potential threats by investigating suspicious activity
  • Quickly respond to security incidents using the built-in organization and automation of tasks

Microsoft Sentinel Features

Microsoft Sentinel comes with a wide range of features that work together to help you achieve full security for your organization. These include:

  • Data connection – Microsoft Sentinel provides out-of-the-box connectivity to all your data sources, including all Microsoft and non-Microsoft solutions.
  • Workbooks – Microsoft Sentinel Workbooks allows you to monitor your data from all sources, with the ability to use pre-built workbook templates or create custom workbooks. This allows you to gain important insights from your data.
  • Analytics – Sophisticated analytics that takes individual alerts, correlates them, and groups them into incidents, each of which is an actionable potential threat you can respond to, investigate, and resolve.
  • Automation and organization of security – Microsoft Sentinel allows you to streamline the organization of your security and automate common security tasks that can easily be scaled as new technologies and threats emerge.
  • Investigation – Microsoft Sentinel makes it possible to conduct an intensive investigation of a potential threat to determine the extent of it and its root cause.
  • Hunt – Microsoft Sentinel comes with powerful search-and-query tools that allow you to seek out security threats in all data sources across your organization. This includes the ability to create custom rules for threat detection based on past queries.
  • Notebooks – Jupyter notebooks are supported by Microsoft Sentinel in the Azure Machine Learning workspace, providing access to important libraries containing machine learning, visualization, and data analysis resources.
  • Community – Microsoft Sentinel has created a community that acts as a resource in automation and threat detection. New workbooks, hunting queries, and other tools and resources are regularly added to the community to make it easy to access the most recent security developments so your data and systems can remain secure.

Protect Your Data with Microsoft Sentinel

With employees working remotely most of the time and using multiple devices to access system resources and sensitive data, keeping your network secure has never been more important—and it has never been so challenging. With Microsoft Sentinel working for you, you have the highest possible level of security to protect your network.

Contact Platinum Technologies today to find out how we can help you make the most of Microsoft Sentinel to protect your company’s systems and data.

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